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Müge Kural and Deniz Yuret. 2024. Unsupervised Learning of Morphology with Multiple Codebook VQ-VAE. The First Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Turkic Languages (SIGTURK, co-located with ACL), Aug. (submitted) (reviews Jun 16). [ai.ku] url google scholar
Emre Can Açıkgöz, Tilek Chubakov, Müge Kural, Gözde Gül Şahin and Deniz Yuret. 2022. Transformers on Multilingual Clause-Level Morphology. In Proceedings of the 2nd Multilingual Representation Learning (MRL) Workshop (co-located with EMNLP), pp 100--105, Dec. ACL. [ai.ku] pdf url google scholar

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