A Brief Review of Memory Research in Cognitive Neuroscience

Deniz Yuret (1995) ( PS, HTML )
A Brief Review of Memory Research in Cognitive Neuroscience. Working Paper 343, MIT AI Laboratory.


I would have liked to start this paper by first presenting a coherent model of human memory. After describing the functional components of the model and the structural components of the model, I would review the studies that provide evidence for each component and the interrelations between the components. After several sleepless nights, I gave up on this dream. And I decided that it was not my fault. The main reason why it is not my fault is that if such a coherent model was deducible from the data collected so far, one of the many intelligent people who devoted life times on this ideal would have come up with it. Unfortunately the data is sketchy. It highlights a few pieces here, and a few pieces there. Not only are the connections between different findings poorly understood, in most cases the interpretation of a single finding is still under debate. Given this picture, my review could mirror nothing but the sketchy character of the available data.