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Using the local maxima

This chapter will explain the application of the first key idea as a solution to the local maxima problem:

I will argue that the locations of the local maxima discovered so far can be used to guide further search in the space. The first section will introduce the problem of local maxima, and describe the initial attempts to solve it. The second section is a discussion on the optimum population size and the possible implementation on parallel computers. The third section will explain how to use the local maxima, and introduce the top level procedure for our method. The fourth section presents several solutions to the problem of finding points with high diversity. Finally the fifth section will conclude the chapter by a discussion of two other approaches inspired by natural phenomena, Hillis's idea of ``co-evolving parasites'', and the simulated annealing algorithm.

Deniz Yuret
Tue Apr 1 21:38:29 EST 1997